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Hi, Im a software developer and SQL DBa with over 23 years experience in call centres, construction, manufacturing, MSPs and fintech.

  • Custom built web based applications
  • Real-time integration solutions
  • Large data automation systems. on-prem or cloud
  • Microsoft certified Azure engineer

Working with clients to devliver high-end solutions, providing full-cycle, end-to-end software development services. I help companies realise and deliver their projects, adopt emerging technologies, switch to digital-first strategies, and grow their businesses. From simple Integration apps to cloud-based enterprise-level products, Reinforce your business with latest technologies.

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Keeping your business connected and accurate

You need single source of truth in your data centres and its easy end up with multiple versions of data from different sources. You should control and store your information in a controlled manner with a Data Warehouse

You could have data being pulled from multiple sources either in real time, ad-hoc or of scheduled events from sources such as SAP, Sales Force, Navision, manual sources (such as excel, websites, apis etc). I can help you take control of your data nightmares and show you how to have visibility over the whole environment.

  • 01 Build a data warehouse

    This will be your central hub for storing all your information. You may even have large data requirements from sparadic sources (images, videos, pdfs, json, excel etc) that you may drop into a data lake. Using AI in the cloud we can sort, scan, organise and transform your data into usable content for your data warehouse.

  • We can build entry points into and out of your Data warehouse. Either with traditional Integration services, custom APIs, Ansible or custom built applications. even building staging areas for your data before it lands into the DWH.

  • collecting & Holding data alone isn't enough, you need visibilty over all this from..
    -Monitoring the integrations of data arriving (failure reporting),
    -Reports over the data as it arrives.
    -Graphical representaion of the data itself.
    We can build a Portal systems dedicated to your needs to give you complete Visibility over the whole estate.


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I have a broad range of skills that I've collected over the decades, I try to stick within the current areas of Software development & Database design/ administraion..
However, I also cover training, network infrastructure design/ implementation , VMware management and setup, Veeam, (windows/Linux/Sparc support), VoIP setup and support.

Application Development

Any type of web, console app, win form or windows service applications. (also .net core for Linux)

API Development

Whether your collecting data from multiple sources, full blown applications from the api, or just providing data for your website,, API is the way to go.

SQL Database Design & Development

Help you design & build relational data schemas to ensure your data retrieval is performant. BaR best practice, and performance tuning


Help your teams with the latest tools. (docker, podman, azure devops, github, visual studio, c#, sql )

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Willerby, HULL, HU10 6PP


+44 7714 687090

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