The Developer

A Software developer of Microsoft technologies

Hi, I'm a software developer for all things Microsoft.
I write intranet apps, three tier thick client programs and ETL solutions for a living.

This site is just a landing page for my own personal use and to allow others to know a little bit more about my work.


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Yup, I'm a VB developer.

I've developed in VB since 1998, covering vb5/6 classic ASP, vbs, I've never had a need to develop in any other language, VB has been able to do exactly what I've needed it to do.

So whilst it continues to deliver on my needs, I will continue to write in it!..


SQL Server

Design, upgrades & support

If I had a pound for every database I've seen that ISN'T maintained.
Maintenance really is a vital part of keeping your systems running smoothly.

It is a daunting task thinking about ...
- Backups & recovery plans.
- Creating & monitoring the index status of hundreds of tables.
- Recovering a corrupt database.
- Creating triggers to automate common tasks.
- Security of your data!

I'm slowly writing applications that will monitor these common problems. Please keep checking back as the first version will be free!



Why would you buy off the shelf?, Bespoke isn't more expensive

A misconception with bespoke software / database development is that it is more expensive than an off-the-shelf package.
However, greater value is achieved through a tailored solution where anything can be created and there are no "hmm… well it doesn't talk well with my accountancy software " or "we could kind of do that but we'd need to do it like this".
Bespoke software really is designed around your needs.

For software development projects I make use of a variety of technologies but my solutions are mostly web based. This doesn't necessarily mean it is accessible over the internet, I can install systems on your own internal secure servers but the technologies are always the same. These are generally split between "front end" which drive the interfaces of our applications (including jQuery and HTML5) and "back end" technologies (centred around Microsoft technologies). Amongst the frameworks we regularly use are;

•Microsoft SQL Server
•Internet Information Services (IIS)
•Web services

You can have thick client configuration created and have a three tier landscape (Presentation > Application > Database).

I'm also regularly asked to update or replace legacy database systems built on programs such as Microsoft Access and Excel :|
It is also common for me to integrate my applications with third party systems.

Do you have a question?

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